Learn to make learning fun again

In the past, it used to take hundreds of thousands of dollars, full teams of tech-savvy people, and years of planning and development to produce a Serious Game.
Now, with Gamelearn's Authoring Tool, the Editor, you can do it in just a matter of hours… all without having to write a single line of code!
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What we offer

our range of learning solutions so you too can become a Serious Game developer

Online Courses

For those who prefer self-paced, on-demand learning

Live classes

2 live sessions with our experts Participate and create a game with us


In group or privately, book a session with our experts to answer all your questions.
Turn your training material into fun video games, and watch your online profits soar. Join us on our mission to “make learning fun again.”
Ibrahim Jabary
CEO and Founder Gamelearn

Why Game-based Learning?

We're world leader in Game-based Learning with the most award-winning catalog of Serious Games

Immersive Experiences

Create interactive adventures for your learners to discover and learn

Highly Engaging 

Storytelling and mini-games attract and engage learners to the end

Experiential Learning

Allow trial and error and constructive failure to create really sticky learning.

Improve Retention

Learners report real behaviour change and increased retention of information

Play to Learn

Humans have always learned through play, why not adults too?

Fun & Effective

Learners report high levels of applicability to their daily lives.


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What our learners say

It helped give me the confidence I needed to create my own video games. I realized you don’t need to be a computer expert at all, you just need to have ideas and training content. There are countless universes, characters, and possibilities when creating customized serious games, and all of them can help you deliver on your clients’ needs.
Carine Cardoni,
Founder at EmoSkills
Practical course to get acquainted with the Editor. It allows you to know the capabilities of the tool and the best practices for creating courses. The practical part is very powerful to apply what you have learned and solve all doubts. I recommend it.

Anette Braunfeld 
Socio Director at Talento Clave

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