Book a Q&A session with our experts

Either privately or in group, book your slot and attend one of our Q&A session where you have direct access to our Editor experts. 
Our group Q&As take the form of a video conference meeting with a maximum of 10 attendees. During an hour our experts will answer questions posed by attendees about the difficulties they face in creating their games. An opportunity for inspiration and troubleshooting.
If you need more personalised help where you can share the details of your project and get hands-on advice from our experts, then the Private consultation is what you need. Invite whoever you want from your project team and let us know how you'd like to focus the meeting.

Group Q&As

In groups of up to 10 attendees. Twice a week.

Private Q&A

Get personalized hands-on help with your Serious Game project

Book group Q&A

Join our open groups where you can ask questions, get answers, and hear the questions and ideas of other creators.

Book a private consultation with the Academy experts

Book an hour with one of our Editor experts where you can get hands on help with your project. Invite stakeholders if you wish.
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