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Live class - How to create a serious game

Over the course of 2 live sessions of 2 hours we'll share our expertise in the Game-design process. 
   2 sessions of 2 hours
   Variable *see full program below
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What's included?

  • 2 Zoom Sessions 
  • 1 Certification
  • 1 Quiz
  • 4 reference documents

Session 1

We'll discuss the power of Game-based learning and how to harness it. Then we'll show you what you need to get started with out cutting-edge tool, the Editor. We'll focus on game structure, building blocks, and content preparation.

Session 2

In our second session we'll take a in-depth look at learning experiences and simulations. We'll show you how to guide your player and allow them to move through the game. We'll focus on game-mechanics, simulations, and storytelling.

Upcoming sessions

Monday 25th and Thursday 28th
  5pm to 7pm CET
Monday 23rd and Thursday 26th
  5pm to 7pm CET
Monday 20th and Thursday 23rd
  5pm to 7pm CET

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Meet the instructor

Aisling O'Connell

Hi there!, I manage the Academy here at Gamelearn and our mission is to teach the world about the amazing and powerful tools within Game-based learning. I've dedicated my career to the effective application of technology in learning.
Like many of you I've learned to use a plethora of Authoring tools and LMSs and I'm delighted to say that the Editor is one of the most easy to learn and delivers immersive and engaging results in a short time. 
I'm also here to evangelise the game-changing nature of delivering your learning experiences through a serious game. Come along to class and we'll talk about all the tools at your disposal to increase retention and improve engagement with your content.
Patrick Jones - Course author
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