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The Gamelearn Academy

We are the community of creators using the Gamelearn Editor. We're obsessed with learning and we love video-games.
The Gamelearn Academy was created in January 2021 with the mission to teach our clients—and the world—how to create training video games. We are experts in Game-based Learning Design with over 15 years of experience in developing effective and engaging learning experiences. We want to share our knowledge and help you make learning fun again.
It helped give me the confidence I needed to create my own video games. I realized you don’t need to be a computer expert at all, you just need to have ideas and training content. There are countless universes, characters, and possibilities when creating customized serious games, and all of them can help you deliver on your clients’ needs.
Carine Cardoni,
Founder at EmoSkills
Práctico curso para familiarizarse con el Editor. Permite conocer las capacidades de la herramienta y las mejores prácticas para la creación de cursos. La parte práctica es muy potente para aplicar lo aprendido y resolver todas las dudas. Lo recomiendo.

Anette Braunfeld 
Socio Director at Talento Clave

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